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We Update your comunication

Tools, strategies and messages change day by day, which is why we offer our support

to create and / or improve your promotional message.

From start-ups to industry leaders

For your company and business, we follow an updated procedure for the most suitable strategies for promoting the various dissemination channels.

If you need to renew your image or if you have to create it from scratch,

PRINTINGPACK s.r.l. is your ideal partner.

Our team will follow you from the various brain-storming to the proposal, simulation, investigation and updating of strategies.

Promoting your image and your message has never been easier.

packaging design
Ideas and qualities touched by hand

Every self-respecting job needs a "solid" message that remains well-imprinted on your client.

This reason is valid enough to think about creating innovative and design objects in order to promote a product or message; thanks to our technologies and the work followed by experts in the sector, we will take care of thinking and creating for you what will make you stand out from your competitors.

PRINTINGPACK s.r.l. it means quality.

web & digital
Comunication & Promo 2.0

In the era of Facebook, Instagram and Google, your thumb has become the most effective tool for reaching your customers.

To facilitate your journey in this "jungle", we will coordinate and create communication environments and messages for you adapted to your target.

We take care of everything: strategy, content creation, creation of websites and social pages; all in order to create the space you deserve on the web.

We also analyze your current situation and give you the ideal advice for your business.

What are you waiting for? Just one click to go to the next level!

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